To all those who love authentic food, Tandem means “Neapolitan Ragù” and “Neapolitan Onion Genovese”.

Our restaurants Tandem are totally devoted to these two slow-cooking sauces from the ancien local tradition, and we are now very glad to introduce their long-term jars. Quality meat and fine ingredients guarantee our high standard. Choose the perfect size for you: the sauce is ready to be served, as in Naples, all around the world!

The Ragù

The Genovese

Meatballs with Ragù

Meatballs with Genovese

Saint Gennaro’s oil



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the Ragù

You cannot mistake the real Neapolitan Ragù. A romantic local expression says that “tomato and meat make love”: that meaning that after eight hour of slow cooking a third taste “is born” from these two ingredients, slightly smoked, very flavoured. And it’s the perfect one to guarnish pastas, meatballs, meat.

AAA You must not miss the “scarpetta”: to dip the bread in the Ragù is the perfect Neapolitan pleasure!

How to match our Ragù

The Genovese:

The “Neapolitan Onion Genovese” is “the sister of the Ragù”, as it’s equally long to prepare: meat and slightly cut onions need to cook for at least eight hours. Creamy and delicate, a little sweet, a little caramelized, it is perfect with pastas or meats, or to simply taste with bread.

AAA Be careful, if you like the Genovese, you can easily get addicted with it!

How to match our Genovese

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Meatballs with Ragù

Meatballs with Genovese

Saint Gennaro’s oil

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